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A note about our four-legged family member policy:

We know it can be challenging to find animal-friendly housing, so we strive to provide some good options in the Iowa City/Coralville area.  That said, we want this to be a partnership.  We expect our applicants/tenants to be up front and honest about any and all animals they may currently own or would like to own and house in the future.  This is for our team's safety as well as the safety of your animal(s).  (Imagine if we didn't know there was a dog in your unit and s/he escaped out the front door during a maintenance call!)

Because animals do add wear-and-tear (and risk) to the unit, they must be well-trained and obedient, approved by management, and listed on the lease prior to move-in.  We typically add $20 per pet to the monthly rent amount.  We also require an additional (fully-refundable) damage deposit, depending on the potential expense to repair/replace (newer carpet, higher-end finishes, etc.).  We are not out to price-gouge animal lovers.  We just need to protect our properties so we can maintain their quality for many years to come.  Thank you!

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